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Citizen Action Form

  1. Citizen Action Form

    Use this form to send general requests, complaints or when action is needed from the City of Fife.

Municipal Court Forms

  1. Fife Municipal Court Juror Questionnaire Form

    Online Juror Questionnaire Form for Fife Municipal Court

  1. Request Payment Plan

Police Department Forms

  1. Community Presentation Request

    The Fife Police Department offers quality presentations on a variety of topics to community groups, schools, businesses, and other... More…

  1. Employee Performance Report

    Interactive form used to file a commendation or complaint on an officer or staff of the Fife Police Department.


  1. City of Fife Venue Rental Inquiry Form
  2. COVID 19 Dacca Park Waiver

    Dacca Baseball Park Participant Waiver

  1. COVID 19 Aquatic Center Waiver

    Aquatic Center Participant Waiver

  2. COVID 19 Shelter Rental Waiver

    Shelter Rental Event Waiver

Recreation Events - Volunteers

  1. Event Volunteer Sign Up

    Fill out this form to sign up for volunteer opportunities,