How are rate increases determined and adopted?

The City of Fife continually evaluates operating costs and future capital expenditure needs of each utility. In many cases, the capital facilities needs are based on comments from our customers about improvements they would like to see, especially on matters related to stormwater to address isolated flooding.

Based upon the identified needs and other information such as utility rates of other jurisdictions, potential rate adjustments are discussed with the City Council, staff and the public. This process culminates in a public hearing on rates which is advertised in advance in the Fife Free Press, our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), “Crossroads” E-newsletter and on our website.

Following the public hearing, a utility rate ordinance is passed based upon the information provided and citizen comments. All revenue from utility bills goes directly to support the operation and maintenance of that utility. It does not go to fund other city services or programs.

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3. How are rate increases determined and adopted?
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