Why was a rate increase needed?

The City of Fife buys nearly all its drinking water from Tacoma Public Utilities and pays Tacoma Environmental Services for the treatment of nearly all its wastewater. That means that the City of Tacoma has substantial control over the cost of our water and sewer services. 

Reasons for Increase

Fife’s sewer rates hadn’t changed since 2010, and since Tacoma has substantially increased its rates, we’ve fallen behind in recouping the cost of wastewater treatment. Tacoma also announced plans to increase water rates in 2016, which means Fife also needed to raise rates. 

One other factor that affects the sewer rates is the need to update the Sewer Comprehensive Plan. The Storm Drainage utility also needs a significant amount of work to improve the drainage in Fife, which meant a rate adjustment.

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1. Why was a rate increase needed?
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