How do I request to be excused from jury service?

Medical Exemption

You may be excused from jury service due to a medical exemption. Attach a letter from your physician to the juror questionnaire and return it to the Court.

Job-Related Exemption

A job related exemption requires a letter from your employer. Since jury service is for a very limited amount of time, your employer must show that your presence is vital and that your absence would create an undue hardship.

Eligibility & Postponements

You are eligible for jury duty, even if you do not live in Fife, as long as you live in Pierce County. However, if you are now living a great distance away and travel is a hardship, you may request in writing to be excused.

You can request a postponement of jury service by writing to:

Fife Municipal Court
3737 Pacific Highway E
Fife, WA 98424

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