What are goals and objectives for a city center visioning process?

Benefits of this process include:

  • Engaging the community in defining the future city center for the City of Fife
  • Creating an economic environment that helps existing and future businesses continue to be or become successful
  • Attracting new businesses that provide jobs to residents in locations where they are best suited
  • Accommodating future growth by encouraging higher density multi-family residential development in mixed-use areas of the city rather than near our single-family neighborhoods
  • Providing individuals with an opportunity to live and work in close proximity to transit
  • Creating a land use pattern that provides for a more safe, walkable, and pedestrian-oriented lifestyle and easier use of public transit
  • Encouraging a well-planned and well-designed business area that can increase the city tax base and provide for funding of city services
  • Encouraging private and public investment, attracting shoppers and visitors, and appealing to existing and new residents
  • Promoting attractive streetscapes and urban green spaces

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5. What are goals and objectives for a city center visioning process?
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