What will be the outcome of the visioning process?

At the end of the visioning process, the city will adopt a City Center Plan to serve as the blueprint for development in Fife over the next few decades. The Plan will be reviewed by the City Planning Commission and then brought to the City Council for consideration, where there will be additional opportunities for public comment. This plan will:

  • Communicate that vision through text and graphics
  • Define a vision for a City Center in Fife
  • Establish the Strategies and Policies for Creating the City Center
  • Identify the City Center Boundaries

From there, more detailed planning work will begin in the form of changes to zoning and other regulations.

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1. Why is the City planning to create a City Center now?
2. What does Fife’s Long Range Comprehensive Plan currently say?
3. What does a City Center look like?
4. What will be the outcome of the visioning process?
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6. How does this relate to what other cities might be doing?