Why is the City planning to create a City Center now?

Many changes are coming to the Puget Sound region, and Fife needs to be ready when they arrive. In the next 25 years, regional transportation will change significantly. SR 167 is to be extended to meet with I-5 and the Port of Tacoma. Some parts of the I-5 interchange system in Fife will also be redesigned and rebuilt. And if the voters approve, the regional light rail system will extend from South King County all the way to Tacoma, with a station in Fife. If implemented, that will connect Fife to a regional light rail transportation system to Seattle and possibly going as far north as Everett.

The update to the City’s long-term Transportation Plan provides the City of Fife with an opportunity to build upon, reinforce, and refine certain land use principles supportive of these transportation improvements. These land use principles are adopted in the City’s existing land use plan documents.

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1. Why is the City planning to create a City Center now?
2. What does Fife’s Long Range Comprehensive Plan currently say?
3. What does a City Center look like?
4. What will be the outcome of the visioning process?
5. What are goals and objectives for a city center visioning process?
6. How does this relate to what other cities might be doing?