Guiding Documents

2024 Periodic Update - Public Participation Plan

2024 Periodic Update - Scope of Work

Local Analysis and data

  1. Neighborhood and Business Meeting Report
  2. SSHAP Middle Housing Collaborative Grant (2022-2023) Findings

Resources by Topic


  1. Washington State
    1. Department of Commerce Climate Element Planning Guidance
    2. Department of Commerce Climate Element Planning Guidance
    3. Department of Commerce Critical Areas Guidance
    4. Department of Health – Environmental Health Disparities Map 2.0 and Report
  2. Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Climate Change and Resilience Guidance 
  3. Pierce County Countywide Planning Policies – Environmental Chapter (p.46)
  4. Pierce County Sustainability 2030 – Pierce County’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan
  5. NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer
  6. PSRC Puget Sound Hazards Map
  7. American Forests - Tree Equity Score
  8. I-tree Canopy

Checklists: These checklists are created by the State and the Puget Sound Regional Council to guide municipalities in their 2024 periodic update.  The City completed this checklist to guide the scoping efforts, and will fill out the checklist again at the end of the process to submit to these agencies for certification.


  1. SSHAP Housing Element Resources
  2. Washington State Department of Commerce
    1. Webinars and guidance documents
    2. Periodic Update Checklist for Fully-Planning Cities
  3. Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC)
    1. VISION 2050: Multicounty Planning Policies - Housing
    2. VISION 2050 Housing Element Guide (February 2023)
  4. Pierce County Countywide Planning Policies – Affordable Housing Chapter (p. 10)

county, state, and regional Resources