Permitting - Guidance Documents


We are now processing all types of permits online. Please refer to our Online Permitting section to review how to create an account and submit online. Submitting online saves you a trip and allows for faster processing times. 

If you run into any issues while submitting your online application online feel free to give us a call at: 253-922-9624 (Planning) or 253-922-9624 (Building), or email us at



Types of permits you can apply for online

  • Building-Related Permits: Building, Demolition, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Mechanical, Plumbing
  • Civil Permits: Grading, Right-of-Way, Sewer, Storm Drainage, Water
  • Planning Permits:
    • Home Occupation Permits
    • Master Land Use Application
    • Mobile Food Unit Permits
    • Special Event Permits
    • Sign Permits
      • Guide to Obtaining a Sign Permit (PDF)
        1. Minimum Standards Required (Please provide two copies of all materials) 
        2. Identify and describe the sign. 
        3. Describe the land where the proposed sign is to be located, either by legal description, street address or parcel number. 
        4. Include a drawing of the sign showing display faces with the proposed message and design. The drawing must accurately represent the size, area, proportion and color(s). 
        5. Provide a site plan drawn to scale (preferred 1” to 20”). This must include (a) north arrow, (b) location of property lines, (c) lot dimensions, (d) location of existing signs, and (e) the location of the proposed sign. 
        6. Provide a site plan drawn to scale (1/4” to 1”) for elevation. 
        7. Size, height and length of wall in which sign will be located is also needed. 
        8. Proof that the business and the installer have Fife Business License. 
        9. The application must be signed and dated by and authorized agent of the applicant. 
        10. If electrical, a copy of an electrical permit from Tacoma Public Utilities. Freestanding Sign Requirements (in addition to standard requirements above)
          • Landscaping plan required with application. 
          • If a footing is required, a building permit is required with engineered structural calculations.
          • Wall signs may require a building permit. Additional Information Other information may be required as directed by the Community Development Director, such as diagrams, light intensities, structural calculations or material information.