Birthday Party Rental FAQ's

How can I book a birthday party?

Birthday party rentals can either be booked online through our catalog, over the phone by calling (253) 922-7665 or in person at the Fife Aquatic Center.

Will we be sharing the pool with anyone else?

The Fife Aquatic Center is closed to the public during birthday party rentals. You’ll have access to both pools in our facility. Our facility has a 25-yard, 6-lane, 3 1/2 feet to 5 feet deep lap pool, and a 2 ½ feet-wading pool.

What is provided with our birthday party rental?

  1. Decorations, 20 goody bags with your choice of theme, juice boxes, pool toys, and lifeguards are provided by the Fife Aquatic Center. Our front lobby will be decorated, and have tables and chairs set up for your use.
  2. What is notprovided by the Fife Aquatic Center?
    • We do not provide a cake, any food, or drinks, besides juice boxes, and we do not provide any plates, cups, napkins, or silverware.

Is there anywhere that I can put perishable foods, such as ice cream?

If you plan on bringing any foods or drinks that need to be refrigerated or put in a freezer, please notify a staff member upon your arrival and we will put them in our staff refrigerator.

Can I order food to be delivered to the pool during my birthday party rental?

Yes! You can order food to be sent to our address: 5410 20th St. E, Fife, WA 98424, and specify that it is the Fife Aquatic Center. Patrons will typically order food to be delivered an hour into their rental time.

What are the pool rules?

  1. Some of our rules include:
    • Children under the age of 7 or children who require the use of a lifejacket, must have an adult in the water with them, within arm’s reach at all times while in the lap pool.
    • Diving into the pool is not allowed; everyone is required to enter the water feet first.
    • There is no running on the deck.
    • Horseplay/roughhousing in the water is not allowed.
    • Any pool games consisting of swimmers closing their eyes, staying underwater for an extended period, climbing on top of one another, or any game deemed unfit by our lifeguards are not allowed.
    • Our lifeguards are in charge at all times and may take action to maintain a safe environment as they see fit.

Are there any lifejackets or pool toys available? Can I bring my own pool toys?

We have a variety of lifejackets that may be used. We offer the use of our beach balls, pool rings, and other pool toys. You are allowed to bring your own pool toys. However, if any toys pose a hazard or are used in an unsafe manner, lifeguards have the right to ask that they be put away. We do not allow the use of mono fins, such as mermaid tails, within our facility.

Are there showers or locker rooms at the Fife Aquatic Center?

There are men’s and women’s locker rooms available for use. We also have a family changing room in our lobby. Please only use the locker rooms and changing room for changing. We do not allow deck changing.

How early can we arrive before our scheduled birthday party?

You may arrive up to 15 minutes before your scheduled birthday party rental.

What is the schedule of events during the birthday party rental?

The first hour of the rental is designated for swimming. A lifeguard will go over our pool rules before everyone is permitted to hop in the pool. The second hour of the rental is designated for the use of the lobby for cake, presents, etc.

How many people can be present?

You are allowed to have a maximum of 20 children and a total of 45 swimmers in the water. If you will have more than that, you will need to call a minimum of 14 days before your rental to pay for an additional lifeguard at $30/hr.