City Government

The City of Fife uses a council-manager form of government, where an elected city council makes decisions for the city, and an appointed city manager carries out those decisions and oversees the daily operation of the city. The Mayor is the lead councilmember and serves as chair of the council. This form of government is described in Chapter 35A.13 RCW. Boards and Commissions give the citizens of Fife a way to be involved in specific areas of Fife’s decision-making process.

Parts of Government & Their Responsibilities


The city holds regular public meetings and keeps records of those meetings. We welcome you to participate in these meetings and view these documents. Learn more about City meetings.

Vision Statement

Fife will be a vibrant destination with a healthy balance between residential, commercial, and industrial uses, all of which are interconnected with green infrastructure and open space that supports a great quality of life.

Mission Statement

The City of Fife maintains and enhances the quality of life for its constituents through excellence in public service and a commitment to the following ideals:

  • Embrace our diversity and advance equity through inclusive community engagement 
  • Maintain a transparent, responsive government to keep the public informed 
  • Provide safety and security to ensure the welfare of our community 
  • Protect and improve our environment and infrastructure through balanced planning and development 
  • Assure responsible stewardship of the city’s resources 
  • Seek excellence in all endeavors and cherish the trust of the constituents