Storm Drainage



The City of Fife is updating its Stormwater Management Program that will continue to guide efforts to further improve the water quality of our city’s stormwater discharges.

WHAT IS THE STORMWATER MAGraphic for Stormwater Management Program NAGEMENT PROGRAM?

The program is part of the city’s compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit or NPDES, which is a requirement of the federal Clean Water Act.  The program establishes the local regulations, maintenance and administrative procedures, and educational and outreach programs that the city will continue to act upon to address and reduce pollution from stormwater discharges.  The Washington State Department of Ecology administers the program in our state.

The public is encouraged to review and comment on Fife’s Draft 2021 Stormwater Management Program.  

Email comments should be directed to  


Here is an information sheet about what you can do to help ensure our stormwater discharge system stays free of oil and debris. 


Are you aware of any Spills or Illicit Discharges? Fife is using 253-922-9315 as a “hotline” to report any spill that could enter into the storm sewer that could constitute a threat to human health, welfare of the environment. If you observe a spill that presents a severe of an imminent threat to human health please call the local Ecology Office Southwest Region at 1 360-407-6300. Thank you for caring about the environment.

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Federal Clean Water Act

Stormwater is the leading contributor to water quality pollution in our urban waterways. As urban areas grow, it is also the state’s fastest growing water quality problem. Under the Federal Clean Water Act, the City of Fife is obliged to meet new and higher standards for water quality; the storm drainage utility was created to provide the funding necessary to meet those standards, and also to fund a program of improvements to the storm runoff collection system in the City of Fife.

It is anticipated that the list will be updated in the years ahead, as projects are completed and new projects are added, and that the drainage utility will also fund smaller projects, that may not be formally added to the capital improvements list.

Providing Services to Additional Districts

The City of Fife has also provided services to Drainage District 21 through an interlocal agreement with the District that was executed during the summer of 2004, and has provided funding for improvements to the tide gates at the Fife Ditch pump station, through an interlocal agreement with Drainage District 23 and other partners. 

Drainage District 21 provides mainline creek, ditch, culvert, and tide gate maintenance in southeast Fife and portions of Edgewood, Puyallup, and unincorporated Pierce County. 

Drainage District 23 provides similar services in north Fife and portions of Milton, Edgewood, and unincorporated Pierce County.