Report A Financial Crime

If the crime is in progress please call 911 immediately! If it is an old forgery/credit card abuse, call the department and make the report. Please submit all of the information to the report taker at the time of the report. After the report is made we would request that you send us any further information to the address below with your case number affixed to each page on the upper right-hand corner (If any of the below information has already been provided please disregard):

  • Bank or credit card statements showing fraudulent charges
  • Forgery Affidavit/Credit Card Affidavit
  • Original check(s) or credit card receipts (you may have to contact the merchant or bank and have that information sent to us.)
  • Suspect information (i.e., name, date of birth, address, etc.)

Sending Documents

When sending any documents, please be sure to include your case number. Documents received without a case number will be returned.

If at all possible, we prefer that you mail or fax all information to the address/fax number listed below. Because of the volume of work done daily, it is very hard to see victims on a face to face basis. If you must bring information into our office, please call ahead for an appointed time, so that we can make sure there is ample time to see to your specific needs.

Investigation Process

Once we have received the above documents, your case will be reviewed to determine if there is sufficient information available to proceed with an investigation. The investigator assigned your case will notify you if further information is required. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Your report of this crime to the police is the first step in what may be a lengthy and frustrating process to repair your credit and reclaim your identity. This information is intended to assist you in that process, and to give you some idea of what to expect over the coming months.

Please note that any damage to your credit can only be corrected with your participation and cooperation. By completing the following steps, you will help resolve problems with creditors and merchants, remove inaccurate information from your files at the major credit reporting agencies, and help prevent future fraudulent use of your credit and identity. Remember to retain copies of all the correspondence and documentation related to your case.

Additional Information

Have you been a victim of identity theft, credit card, or check fraud?