Check Fraud

If you have been a victim of Check Fraud:

Step I: Notify your bank

Advise your bank or other financial institution that you have been a victim of fraud, and give them your Fife Police Department incident number.

Step II: Send checks to your bank

Return all forged and unauthorized checks to your bank or other financial institution, along with a copy of the Affidavit of Fraud form.

Step III: Notify check-processing companies

The listed check companies require copies of the police report; a notarized affidavit of forgery filed with your financial institution; and a copy of your driver license. Advise the agencies you are a victim of check fraud:

  • Chexsystems: Phone: 800-428-9623
    • ChexSystems only receives reports from financial institutions. If someone has opened a checking account in your name or used your social security number to open an account, you may contact them to obtain additional information. You may order your personal consumer report from Chexsystems via the Internet.
  • Global Payments Check Service: Phone: 866-860-9061
  • National Check Fraud Service: Phone: 843-571-2143
  • Telecheck: Phone: 800-710-9898

Step IV: Inform Merchants

If the merchant that accepted your forged check contacts you:

  1. Advise the merchant that you have been the victim of check fraud
  2. Provide the merchant with your Fife Police Department incident number
  3. Send each merchant a copy of the completed Affidavit of Fraud form
  4. Request that each merchant file a police report with their local police department

Additional Resources

Other resources that you may find useful or informative include the following:

  • Social Security Fraud Hotline: Phone: 800-269-0271

Investigation Process

It is estimated that the investigation and prosecution of many forgeries and related cases will take upwards of one year to complete. Many cases have insufficient evidence to permit a complete investigation, and many others are resolved to the satisfaction of the primary complainant without criminal prosecution. Therefore, you may wish to explore civil remedies with your attorney. Bear in mind, however, that criminal charges will not be pursued solely to gain advantage in a civil matter.