SOAP / SODA Court Orders


In order to provide the safest and best lodging opportunities possible, the City of Fife provides to the public a list of persons currently under a SOAP/SODA order from the Fife Municipal Court. These orders prohibit a person with a SOAP/SODA order from patronizing areas designated as an area known for previous offenses relating to drugs or prostitution. To see the full parameters of the restricted area, see the map below.Restricted Areas Map (PDF) Opens in new window


The list of names below contains all of the current SOAP/SODA orders for Fife. Persons subject to a SOAP/SODA order are prohibited from entering or remaining within a restricted area for any reason, including renting a room. Fife hotel/motels are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with this list and check it regularly to avoid renting to a prohibited person.

Name SOAP/SODA Expiration
Akbar, Warith D. SOAP/SODA 05/27/2023
Alt, Christina L SOAP/SODA 08/25/2022
Alvarado, Josiah R. SOAP/SODA 06/02/2022
Anderson, Burk SOAP/SODA 10/20/2022
Ashing, Anraya R. SOAP/SODA 07/07/2022
Bagley, Daniel Benjamin SOAP/SODA 07/28/2022
Barton, Christopher B SOAP/SODA 11/13/2022
Berhane, Selamawit G SOAP/SODA 08/11/2022
Block, Ian T SOAP/SODA 06/09/2022
Brown, Tuafaleipapa Siaunofo SOAP/SODA 03/08/2024
Connell, Steven R. SOAP/SODA 03/02/2023
Contreras, Roy SOAP/SODA 10/09/2022
Etzkorn, Nadia Kimbra SOAP/SODA 06/17/2022
Flippen, David W SOAP/SODA 10/06/2022
Foss, John E SOAP/SODA 08/25/2022
Frey, Angelica Kelly SOAP/SODA 07/06/2023
Fua, Irasaiah Eliapo SOAP/SODA 08/25/2023
Garrard, Karisna R. SOAP/SODA 07/14/2022
Gauthier, Chase D. SOAP/SODA 09/13/2022
Hatch, David Lee SOAP/SODA 06/12/2022
Hanson, Lauriano SOAP/SODA 08/19/2022
Hellman, Jennifer Alexis M. SOAP/SODA 12/07/2022
Licea, Luis A SOAP/SODA 09/29/2022
Luto, Fonomaaitu SOAP/SODA 11/06/2022
McCloud, Mark Dale SOAP/SODA 09/03/2022
McCrary, Cavan Herdis SOAP/SODA 07/01/2023
Milner, Terry V Jr. SOAP/SODA 07/07/2022
Mowry, Alyssa N SOAP/SODA 01/12/2023
Nanez, Shawn Dale SOAP/SODA 01/26/2023
Page, Jacob W SOAP/SODA 09/08/2022
Paul, Bladen Alex SOAP/SODA 10/26/2023
Ramey, Gabrielle SOAP/SODA 11/25/2022
Richardson, Tyrone SOAP/SODA 07/14/2022
Roark, Kala Marie SOAP/SODA 10/27/2023
Rodriguez Ponce, Charlie SOAP/SODA 10/09/2022
Simmons, Haylee R SOAP/SODA 06/09/2022
Steincipher, Leslie SOAP/SODA 10/19/2023
Windsor, Jared Roy SOAP/SODA 05/03/2024
Yates, Joslin C SOAP/SODA 02/09/2023

Disclaimer & Additional Information

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only as a service to the public, and is not legal advice or a substitute for obtaining legal counsel. The list of persons under SOAP/SODA orders is updated by the Fife Police Department on a weekly basis. Although every effort is made to provide accurate and useful information, the City of Fife, the Fife Police Department, and/or representatives assume no legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information provided on this site. If you have questions about the SOAP/SODA names listed here, or if you feel a name has been listed in error, please contact the Fife Police Department at 253-922-6633, ext. 7.