Operation Identification

Operation Identification, known as Operation ID, is a nationwide crime prevention program helping to identify property if ever stolen. Centered upon the belief that to prevent crime we must attempt to address the elements of the crime triangle. 

Operation ID program can be applied for use in homes and businesses and involves marking property with a Driver’s License number to discourage theft and assist with identifying should it be recovered. With evolved technology for easier completion, follow these steps to participate in Operation ID. 

Stages of Operation Identification


Engrave your property.

Engraving your valuables with the number on your driver’s license will aid police agencies in identifying you as the property’s owner. It may also prevent a thief from choosing to steal your belongings because they are more identifiable if they are caught with them. Even if your items have a serial number, engraving your driver’s license number will assist in identifying you as its owner. 


Keep a list of your valuables.

Make and keep a list of all your valuables. Make several copies and store them in two or more secure locations, such as a safe, locked drawer or cabinet. Include on your list a full description of the item including color, make, model, year of manufacture, and any other identifiers, including any engraving. Take Photographs to help identify.

Items to include on your list are stereos, computers (desktop and laptop), printers, televisions, radios, cameras, gaming systems and any other valuable belongings. Make sure to save information about your bicycle and vehicle (insurance policies often include your vehicle’s identification number, and other information).  

Download our Personal Property Log (DOC).


Report stolen Items to your local police department.

Report stolen Items to your local police department and advise them if they have been engraved. You can also provide a copy of the inventory list. In addition, valuable items can be entered in the Criminal Justice Information System computer. This will alert police agencies nationwide of the theft and will aid in recovering the items if another department recovers them.