Comprehensive Plan

The Growth Management Act

The driving force for the creation of a Comprehensive Plan comes from the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) passed in 1990. The GMA recognizes that uncoordinated and unplanned growth, along with a lack of common goals can and has impacted the environment, economic development, and the high quality of life traditionally enjoyed by Washington citizens.

The overriding goal of the GMA is to give each community the tools to access its goals for the future, to evaluate community assets, and to write and implement goals through innovative techniques and regulations by creating a comprehensive plan that allows the community to reach its unique vision for the future.

Comprehensive Plan

The City of Fife Comprehensive Plan is intended to provide the community’s decision makers with guidelines regarding issues affecting the future shape, character and form of the City. The GMA establishes early and continual citizen participation as the basis for the community’s comprehensive planning process. The 2005 update was created using community surveys, public notices, public meetings and hearings, workshops, newspaper articles and all required legal notices.

The nature of planning for growth inherently means the Comprehensive Plan will need to be changed. Amendments are allowed to be considered no more than once a year and go through a citizen-based planning process. The outcome is an evolving Comprehensive Plan that is a policy document supplemented by strategies for implementing community goals regarding change over the next 20 years.


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