Utility Billing


The City of Fife recognizes this is a stressful time for many due to the financial effects of COVID-19. 

We have two forms of help for your utility bills. 

  • The first program is a $250 utility payment grant for residential customers that does not have to be paid back. Applications are due September 18, 2020.  
  • The second program is a hardship payment plan and our suspension of shutoffs through October 15, 2020 for residential and business customers. 

Below are details for both programs.



The City outility graphic 1 Opens in new windowf Fife has created a new COVID-19 relief program that will help residential utility customers pay their utility bill. The assistance is a one-time $250 grant that does not need to be paid back. The grant will be used by utility customers to pay their utility bill.  This is an application program and grants are awarded based on need.

 To qualify, you must: 

  • Be a City of Fife residential utility customer billed for water, sewer, and/or storm drainage within the Fife city limits
  •  Meet the household net income requirements
  • Must be negatively impacted by COVID-19
  •  Have an individual meter that calculates the utility use for your household (Apartment complexes do not have individual residential accounts. Apartment residents might be eligible for assistance from Tacoma Public Utilities. Find info here: https://www.mytpu.org/emergencyassistance/

If you meet that criteria, here’s how to apply:

APPLY: Fill out the application form, which you can find here 

DEADLINE: Applications are due September 18, 2020

QUESTIONS? Email fifeutilityassist@cityoffife.org or call 253-922-2489

MORE INFORMATION: Review the full City of Fife program policy at this link

RESOURCES: For financial and other resources during this time, please visit cityoffife.org/covid19



This relief plan is for City of Fife residential and business utility customers.utility graphic 2 Opens in new window

SHUTOFFS: We are temporarily suspending water shutoffs for nonpayment.

WAIVING FEES: We are waiving late fees for utility bills through October 15, 2020.

PAYMENT PLANS: We are working with customers to establish payment plans. Click here to apply for a hardship payment plan or contact Utility Billing Customer Service at 253-922-2489, option 1. Leave a message and your call will be returned.

We urge customers to do their best to continue paying their bills. The additional steps taken above do not relieve customers from paying their bills, but allows for spreading out payments over a longer period of time.

FOR HELP: If you are in need of utilities assistance, the community organization United Way may be able to connect you with programs in this area to assist in bridging the financial gap.  United Way may be reached by dialing the 2-1-1 Help Line. For financial help and other resources during this time, please visit cityoffife.org/covid19.


Utility billing information

The City of Fife provides utility services water, sewer, and storm drainage/surface water management.

Utility Billing

For new account set up, service changes or questions concerning billing, contact the Utility Billing Customer Service at 253-896-8620. To make a payment, contact Utility Billing Cashier at 253-896-8618.

Quality Problems or Leaks

Questions or concerns regarding water quality, water pressure problems, help in locating leaks, reporting broken hydrants or leaking water mains should be directed to the Public Works Department at 253-922-9315.

Senior & Disability Utility Discount Program

You may be eligible for help with your City of Fife utility bill.

The City of Fife offers a discount on utility services to eligible customers to help them manage their water, sewer, and storm water bills. If you are low income and at least 62 or if you are low income and disabled you may qualify for a discount of up to 50%.

View the applicant information sheet below to determine eligibility. Print a program application below or pick one up from Fife City Hall. Submit applications at the front desk of Fife City Hall located at:
5411 23rd Street E
Fife, Washington 98424

Billing & Payment Information

The City of Fife bills utilities on a bimonthly cycle (every 2 months). Water meters are read every 2 months. This information is then downloaded by the Finance Department who generates the statements you receive for water and/or sewer and/or storm drainage every other month. On the back of these statements, the City of Fife’s Water, Sewer and Storm Drainage Municipal codes are listed pertaining to the details of when bills are due, when penalties are assessed, and the delinquent account shutoff/lien process.

Utility Payments

All utility payments can be included in one form of payment, either cash/check/money order/credit card if paying in person at City Hall during regular business hours, or by check/money order via the postal mail or by placing it in the City of Fife’s utility payment drop box anytime in the parking lot (located to the left of the USPS mail box) of City Hall, which is located at:
5411 23rd Street E
Fife, WA 98424

Payments received in the drop box after 7:30 a.m. will be credited to your account the next business day. For your convenience, we are able to accept credit/debit cards (Visa or MasterCard only) either over the phone or at City Hall. For payment over the phone call 253-896-8618. We also offer an online bill pay site

Bank Bill Payer

As a reminder for those using their own “Bank Bill Payer” service to pay their utility billing, that type of payment is received by the City of Fife as a “paper” check issued in your behalf by your bank or a third party online vendor via the postal service. They are not received electronically even though you authorize the original payment “online.” You must allow a minimum of 7 business days (or whatever time period your bank outlines in their bank bill payer agreement) for your payment to be credited to your account.

Utility Tax Disclosure

There was a recent change in the utility tax disclosure, stemming from HB 2889, passed by the Legislature during the 2020 session. The amount billed includes the following taxes calculated on the gross revenue of each utility service:




State Public Utility Tax




City Utility Tax




Utility Rate Increase      -       Click Graphic for detailed Rate Schedule

2020 Utility Rate Changes