City of Fife Annexation History

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NumberOrdinanceDate PassedAnnexation
1Resolution 6364February 6, 1957Original Incorporation
2Ordinance 63March 22, 1960Holmdate Addition
3Ordinance 280September 12, 1962Husky Oil Company
4Ordinance 430July 26, 197770th Street
5Ordinance 461May 9, 1978N/A
6Ordinance 730January 24, 198454th/15th
7Ordinance 792June 11, 198512th Street to 8th Street
8Ordinance 880September 23, 1986Fraser
9Ordinance 977January 5, 1989Holm Lane E
10Ordinance 1057January 8, 1991Griffin
11Ordinance 1059February 27, 1991Bodhaine/Jet Auto
12Ordinance 1062February 27, 1991Boundary Line Adj.
13Ordinance 1080July 13, 1991Rhode/Brooks 62nd Avenue
14Ordinance 1085September 10, 1991Bargen/Milgard
15Ordinance 1086September 24, 1991Griffin/070 Av
16Ordinance 1206July 12, 1995Boitano/Choe
17Ordinance 1222February 13, 1996Redig
18Ordinance 1229March 26, 1996Smith/Garchow
19Ordinance 1230March 26, 1996Port Islands 1-6
20Ordinance 1232April 9, 1996Portside/Norwesco
21Ordinance 1278July 8, 1997Freeman Road
22Ordinance 1279August 12, 1997Firwood
23Ordinance 1326November 10, 1998CMC Heartland
24Ordinance 1486-03February 11, 2003008 Street Well Site and Park
25Ordinance 1522-04February 10, 2004Fife Soccer Fields
26Ordinance 1558-05March 22, 2005Pacific Highway E
27Ordinance 1681December 9, 2008Benthien Loop
28Ordinance 1946October 3, 2016WSDOT SR 167
29Ordinance 1993January 22, 2019Vuemont
30Ordinance 2028
October 13, 2020
12th Street East 
31Ordinance 2029
October 13, 2020
62nd Ave East