Traffic Infractions FAQ

Being accused of an infraction can be an upsetting experience. We hope this FAQ will be of help in guiding you through the infraction process and take some of the mystery out of the procedures. We have tried to anticipate and answer the more frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member.

Correction Notices

If you receive a “correction notice” from the police officer, you have fifteen days to correct your vehicle’s equipment problem. Then have an officer of the Fife Police Department inspect the vehicle, sign the correction notice, and file it with the Court. Once the Clerk receives the signed correction notice, the infraction will be dismissed.

Remember: Failure to respond within 15 days or to appear for a scheduled hearing may result in the suspension of driving privilege, the account may be assigned to a collection agency, and you may be charged with a misdemeanor.

Hearing Impaired

Hearing assistance devices are available at the Fife Municipal Court and may be requested from the Clerk to allow you to better hear the Judge and all details of your case. If a Language Signer is required, please notify the court 14 days prior to your hearing for an interpreter.

Address/Name Changes (RCW46.20.205)

You are required by law to notify the Department of Licensing, in writing, when you change your address and/or your name. You may file this change of address through your local Department of Licensing Office or online. Your correct address and name are the only means of notifying you about problems with your driver’s license.