Dining and Nightlife

View Food Inspection Reports on the businesses below by the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.

Map of Restaurants in the City of Fife

Name Address Phone
Chester’s1501 33rd Ave E(253) 922-8884
Denny’s5110 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-7173
Johnny’s At Fife5211 20th St E(253) 922-6686
McDonald’s1737 51st Ave E(253) 922-8535
Pick Quick Drive In4306 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-5599
Poodle Dog1522 54th Ave E(253) 922-6161
Wendy’s5016 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-6382
Right Spot5119 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-7371
KFC/A&W5156 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-6262
Two Busy To Cook5009 Pacific Hwy E #23(253) 922-3280
Jack In The Box3402 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-9439
Sapporo Sushi & Roll Teriyaki Rest.4803 Pacific Hwy E #2-A(253) 922-5656
Ichiban Teriyaki4500 Pacific Hwy E #1(253) 922-1637
Arby’s5002 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-2028
Subway4420 Pacific Hwy E STE P(253) 926-1322
Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express5152 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-8463
Dairy Queen2098 54th Ave E(253) 922-7731
Joe’s Deli3216 20th St E(253) 926-6994
Wart Hog Barbeque Pit4921 20th St E(253) 896-5091
Fife Teriyaki (Happy at the Bay)4910 Pacific Hwy E(253) 896-3668
Lizzie Lou’s Too (Destination Harley)2302 Pacific Hwy E(253) 284-4611
Herfy’s Burger4802 Pacific Hwy E(253) 896-5001
Thai Restaurant in Fife4420 Pacific HWY E STE S&T(253) 896-4777
Taco Time5105 Pacific HWY E(253) 922-4513
Deli USA4905 Pacific HWY E # 3(253) 922-7250
Starbuck’s Coffee4756 Pacific HWY E(253) 922-6193
Jersey Mike’s4756 Pacific Hwy E #130(253) 252-7315
Louie G’s Pizza5219 Pacific HWY E(253) 926-9700
Top Pho4420 Pacific HWY E STE Q(253) 517-3027
Pho-Tai5306 Pacific HWY S(253) 896-1000
Taqueria 3 Hermanos4420 Pacific HWY E # K(253) 353-3760
Pizza Hut4716 Pacific Hwy E(253) 926-8000
Mr. Ray’s Cafe‚4411 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-0430
Subway4602 20th St E(253) 922-5046
Tatoosh Grill (EQC – Fife)5700 Pacific Hwy E(253) 594-7777
Pacific Rim Buffet (EQC -Fife)5700 Pacific Hwy E(253) 594-7777
Paradise Deli (EQC – Fife)5700 Pacific Hwy E(253) 594-7777
Subway1501 33rd Ave E(253) 922-8884
My Goods Market5405 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-9017
Fife Grocery & Deli4802 A Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-6051
Shell (Port of Tacoma)3251 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-7952
Costco3900 20th ST E(253) 719-1950
Tahoma Market6006 Pacific Hwy E(253) 344-5660
Chevron5319 20th St E(253) 922-5588
Shell (Fife Food Mart)5501 20th St E(253) 896-9423
Love’s Travel Stop1501 33rd Ave E(253) 922-8884
Pacific Xpress4310 Pacific Hwy E(253) 922-3858
Tahoma Express #52002 54th Ave E(253) 926-1877
San Miguel2024 54th Ave E(253) 896-0312
7 Eleven5308 Pacific HWY E(253) 922-8013
Tahoma Express #43408 Pacific Hwy E(253) 926-8220
Reservation Outpost321 54th Ave E(253) 922-6600
Sunny’s Donuts4500 Pacific Hwy E STE J(253) 922-5209
Kusher Bakery7214 26th St E(253) 922-5209
Mountain High Espresso1334 54th Ave E(800) 445-0655
Associated Espresso2520 70th AVE E(253) 922-5442
Jimmy John’s4802 Pacific Hwy E(253)926-6771

The City of Fife is an equal opportunity‎ employer.