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Call for Sculptors!

Proposal Deadline: November 10, 2015 5:00 PM PST
The City of Fife Arts Commission is seeking submissions for an interactive outdoor sculpture to be installed on the grounds of a new park on the corner of Valley Avenue East and 54th Avenue East, Fife, WA 98424. The proposal should express a connection to the City of Fife, tone of the specific display location, and reflect the City’s values of community diversity/ethnicity. Artists are strongly encouraged to visit the actual installation site. Answer the Call!

The Fife Public Art Program was established in 2011 as a a visible way to enhance quality of life for our residents and support tourism and economic vitality. A Call To Artists was sent out in October of 2011 and closed December 31st. Over 20 artists from around the country submitted applications, some with multiple pieces of art work. The Fife Public Arts Commission (FPAC) then selected five pieces to purchase and place in public locations. The art pieces will remain at their locations for at least one year, at which time the FPAC and Fife community will select pieces for permanent display. All pieces not selected for permanent display will be sold at an annual "Arts Gala" with all proceeds benefiting the Fife Arts Program.

The City of Fife recognizes that support for artists and arts organizations, development and stewardship of public art, arts education, and cultural development are public necessities and essential for the continuing growth and development of Fife’s citizens, economy, and quality of life.

The FPAC Mission

The mission of the Fife Public Arts Commission (FPAC) is to identify and actively encourage the development and sustainability of the arts in the City by serving as the City’s primary resource in matters of public art and culture.

The City of Fife is an equal opportunity‎ employer.