Utility Billing

The City of Fife provides utility services for water, sewer and storm drainage/surface water management. Questions or concerns regarding water quality, water pressure problems, help in locating leaks, reporting broken hydrants or leaking water mains should be directed to the Public Works Dept. at (253) 922-9315. Questions regarding new installations should be directed to the Building/Permit Dept. at (253) 922-9624. For new account set up, service changes or questions concerning billing, contact the Utility Billing – Customer Service Dept. at (253) 922-9623.

The City of Fife bills utilities on a bi-monthly cycle (every 2 months). Water meters are read every 2 months by a City of Fife Public Works employee. This information is then downloaded by the Finance Dept. who generates the statements you receive for water and/or sewer and/or storm drainage every other month. On the back of these statements, the City of Fife’s Water, Sewer & Storm Drainage Municipal codes are listed pertaining to the details of when bills are due, when penalties are assessed, and the delinquent account shutoff/lien process.

You can now pay your utility bill online. For more information and to sign up, visit our Online Utility Billing page.

All utility payments can be included in one form of payment, either cash/check/money order/credit card if paying in person at City Hall during regular business hours, or by check/money order via the postal mail or by placing it in the City of Fife’s utility payment drop box in the parking lot (located to the left of the USPS mail box) of City Hall at 5411 23rd St E in Fife anytime. Payments received in the drop box after 7:30am will be credited to your account the next business day. For your convenience, we are able to accept credit/debit cards (Visa or MasterCard only) either over the phone or at City Hall. City Hall’s phone number is (253) 922-2489 for further information. At this time, we are NOT able to accept payments via this website. As a reminder for those using their own “Bank Bill Payer” service to pay their utility billing, that type of payment is received by the City of Fife as a “paper” check issued in your behalf by your bank or a third party online vendor via the postal service. They are not received electronically even though you authorize the original payment “online”. You must allow a minimum of 7 business days (or whatever time period your bank outlines in their bank bill payer agreement) for your payment to be credited to your account.

The City of Fife does offer an Utility Discount Rate Program for those who are 62 years of age or older whose household incomes do not exceed more than 70% of the Washington State median income. In addition, those individuals under 62 years of age who are receiving verifiable disability income and whose household incomes do not exceed more than 70% of the Washington State median income can qualify as well for the discount rate program. An application can be requested by calling the Utility Billing – Customer Service Dept. at (253) 922-9623 or by picking up an application from City Hall located at 5411 23rd St E in Fife.