FAQs About Doing Business in Fife

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What can I build/develop on my piece of property?
For major development of a lot, it is recommended that you schedule a Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting. Call City Hall for instructions and meeting request form. What you are able to build on your property depends on the intended Use. First determine how your property is zoned. To do this, refer to the City of Fife Zoning Map and to Title 19 of the Fife Municipal Code, to determine if your use is allowed in that zone.

Is my permit ready?
Permits are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. If the applicant fails to provide a complete application, the permit can not be reviewed until all necessary information is received. Permit Coordinators will make sure the application is complete at time of application. If further information is needed for review, the applicant will be notified. As soon as the permit is reviewed and approved by staff it is given to the permit coordinators, who will contact you. If there are any additional fees that need to be paid, the permit coordinators will notify you at this time.

How can I schedule an inspection?
Inspections are scheduled every weekday, in 15 minute increments from 8:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. To schedule an inspection call (253) 922-9624 by 4:00 p.m. the weekday prior to your preferred inspection date.

What do I need a building permit for?
There are a lot of reasons to apply for and acquire a building permit. A building permit ensures:

  • The contractors are registered licensed and insured
  • Adequate documentation is prepared to construct your building or extension/ alteration
  • Review of building plans and structural calculations occurs
  • Key stages of the work are inspected
  • Your building is assessed as suitable for occupation

Why is 54th Avenue closed at the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks?
The crossing was closed to allow for expansion of the UPRR operations and the building of Columbia Junior High School and the Dacca Park Complex. In November 2001, the Fife City Council voted to close the crossing to general public access until such time as a safer crossing could be built, such as a grade separation. The City of Fife has the construction of a grade separated crossing in its Comprehensive Plan but neither the design nor construction of that grade separation is currently funded.

Who Maintains the Levee?
The maintenance division of Pierce County Water Programs, the City of Fife maintains asphalt replacement portion only.

How can I tell if I have a water leak?
If you suspect you may have a leak, you can contact the City of Fife’s Water Division at (253) 922-9315 and we will be send someone by to assist you in determining if you do, at no cost.

What is the Photo Enforcement Program and why does Fife use it?
In a city like Fife, it’s more likely that a driver will be injured in a crash while running a red light than in any other type of accident. Fife’s red light photo enforcement program has resulted in a 30% decrease in collisions at key intersections. ALL proceeds from fines go to the Public Safety Fund to be used specifically on safety enhancement projects. Simply make a full stop behind the marked white line before entering the intersection and you will not receive a ticket.

The City of Fife is an equal opportunity‎ employer.