Where In Fife

Idea: A Fife representative visits a Fife business and shares a photo of the business along with a hint and/or question about the business to Facebook. Everyone who correctly identifies the business and answers the question can be entered to win a gift certificate or prize from the business. Example: Photo of a Dog in Hydro Pool; Question: What would you do with a $50 gift card here? Correct answers would name the business and say what they would do with the gift card. This makes the participant research the business and what they offer.
If a person shares the contest on their page, they are entered to win a second prize.

ROI: Fife’s social media grows every day. We currently have over 1,038 Facebook and Twitter followers. That means your business has the potential to reach over 1,000 Fife and Pierce County residents, and all it costs you is a prize or gift card to your business.

Why?: The City of Fife wants to help make your business profitable and well-known. In this ever-evolving world of social media (blogs, tweets, Groupon) customers expect you to come to them, armed with a great deal or coupon.

How: Contact the City of Fife Marketing & Economics Department at 253-896-8606 or economics@cityoffife.org. They will set you up with a time slot for your promotion, and schedule a time to stop by your business. After your initial contact, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the free promotion and new business!

The City of Fife is an equal opportunityā€ˇ employer.