Reserve Police Officer Program

The City of Fife Police Department is currently seeking individuals for a position as a Reserve Police Officer. This is an unpaid volunteer position serving at the pleasure of the Chief of Police.

To work in law enforcement in the state of Washington, new recruits need to begin with meeting the minimum standards as set by the WSCJTC.

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a citizen of the US
  • Hold a high school diploma or GED
  • Not be a recreational drug user
  • Have a valid Washington state driver’s license
  • Be qualified to possess a handgun according to state and federal law
  • Have no history of felony convictions
  • Have no history of domestic violence


The testing process requires an application, physical agility test, written test, extensive background investigation, polygraph exam, psychological exam, medical exam and Chief’s interview. The Fife Police Department will begin the testing process sometime in June 2016 (exact dates TBT).

In order to become a Reserve Police Officer in the State of Washington you must attend an approved Reserve Police Academy. The Fife Police Department hosts a Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission approved Reserve Police Academy. The academy consists of approximately 330 hours of police related training. In order to accommodate most working adults the academy meets every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6 pm – 10pm, and all day 8 am – 5 pm on Saturday’s.

The Fife Police Department has a target date of September 2016 to host the next Reserve Police Academy (exact dates TBD). Attendance is required to graduate and receive a Reserve Police Officer Commission from the State of Washington. Students must be able to pass all written tests including the State Exam, and emergency vehicle operator’s course, firearms qualifications, defensive tactics, and practical mock scenes.

Download the application and Physical Agility Test info. Return your application to the Fife Police Department 3737 Pacific Hwy E, Fife WA 98424

 For more information on the Fife Police Department follow this link… or contact Captain Aaron Gardner 253-896-8247 or Officer Al Morales 253-250-2234

The City of Fife is an equal opportunity‎ employer.