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Business & Special License Application Information

We are pleased to announce that the City of Fife will streamline its business license process by a new partnership with the Department of Revenue's Business Licensing Service (BLS). This partnership will become effective November 17, 2014. For more information, click here.

Mail completed application and fee to:
City of Fife/Licensing Officer
5411 23rd Street E.
Fife, WA 98424
Phone: (253) 922-2489

Application Form
The application form must be FULLY COMPLETED and signed or it will not be accepted. BUSINESS MAY NOT BE CONDUCTED UNTIL A LICENSE IS ISSUED.

All businesses (profit and non-profit) must be registered with the State of Washington and you must be able to provide the mandatory UBI (Unified Business Identifier) sales tax reporting number to validate this application. U.B.I. application paperwork may be obtained at Assistance with the process can be obtained by calling 800-647-7706.

Non-profit Business License Application Required
Non-profit businesses are required to make application (for registration purposes) and obtain a nonprofit exempt license. Qualification for non-profit: a letter from the I.R.S. showing tax-exempt status under I.R.S. Code Section 501 C (3).

Fife Tax Number
Please advise your accountant to use the Fife Tax No. 2706 when reporting tax information to the State.

Term of License
Effective as of the first day of the month issued with an expiration date of December 31st of the calendar year in which the license was issued.

License Renewals
A renewal license shall be considered delinquent on February 2nd.









One to two employees



Three to five employees



Six to twelve employees



Thirteen to twenty-five employees



Twenty-six to fifty employees



Fifty-one and over employees






Individual Solicitor, Peddler, Itinerant Merchant or Vendor

$50 each





Pawnbrokers, Secondhand dealers



Taxicab Drivers

$50 each


Amusement Devices (except in licensed liquor establishments
A. 0-4 Devices
B. 5 or more Devices

A. $0
B. $50 each


Refuse and Recycle Collectors


Fee Established by Number of Employees
Unless a set fee is listed for a particular type of business, the license fee shall be based on the number of employees in accordance with the schedule set forth below. (Note: the owner shall be included when determining the number of employees.)

Determination of number of employees
The number of employees shall be determined by the employer’s most recent Unemployment Compensation quarterly report. A copy of the report may be required for verification. Convert part-time personnel to full-time (40 hr. per week) equivalents, then count each as one full-time employee; any portion remaining, count as one. A new business without employee history must provide an employee count estimate based upon the maximum number of employees projected to be employed during the calendar year

Emergency Contacts
Emergency contact information required in case of fire or police emergency. Please provide detailed “identification” information.

Conducting Business from a hotel/motel or apartment location
No license shall be issued for activities requiring a license within an apartment complex unit, address or location, or within a motel/hotel without providing the License Officer with written consent of the property owner and/or property manager.

Taxi drivers
To qualify for a City of Fife Business License, you must have had NO convictions, deferred sentences, deferred prosecutions or deferred findings within the last five years for the crime of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, reckless driving, possession of a controlled substance, burglary, robbery, assault, rape, promoting prostitution, indecent liberties, or similar serious offenses, or have committed more than 5 traffic infractions in the last 5 years. Every applicant shall submit to fingerprinting and photographing by the Fife Police Department. Each applicant will be thoroughly investigated. BE sure not to omit any information. Omission, falsification, or misrepresentation is cause for denial. No refunds will be made for a denied license.

Amusement Centers
Five or more mechanical or electronic amusement devices in an establishment that does NOT sell alcoholic beverages, is required to obtain a license for EACH of the devices. (Example: five devices would pay a $250 fee.) The establishment cannot be located within 2000 feet of schools, churches and residential zones. Please refer to title 5 of the FMC for additional requirements.

Business outside the City Limits
Businesses located outside the City limits that engage in business within the City limits shall apply and pay for a license per the License Fee Schedule.

Criminal Penalties
Any person violating or failing to comply with any of the provisions of the Business License Code shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punishable by jail or by a fine of up to $500. Each day of noncompliance with any of the provisions shall constitute a separate offense.

Transference and Purpose- License for Each Physical Location
Business License MAY NOT be transferred or assigned. Business License MAY NOT be used for a purpose different from that for which it was issued. A separate business license must be obtained for EACH business NAME and LOCATION.

The issuance of a business license for any purpose does NOT authorize the sale of marijuana, products that contain marijuana, or any of the active ingredients of marijuana.

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