Dee-Dee Gethers

City of Fife - Councilmember DeeDee Dukes-Gethers

Council Liaison/Advisory Appointments

  • Fife School Board
  • Alternate, Pierce County Regional Council
  • Council Sub-Committee for Board & Commission Appointments
  • Alternate, Volunteer Police Department Reserve Board
  • Alternate, PRCS Advisory Board

Elected Experience

  • Fife City Councilmember Nov. 2011 – Nov. 2013
  • Fife City Councilmember Nov. 2015 – Present

Professional Experience

Dee-Dee works locally as a Senior Healthcare Sourcing Recruiter for the largest nonprofit health-care provider in the Greater Seattle area. Dee-Dee’s public and private sector experience, positive outlook, tenacity, vision, and connections represent the kind of leader she’s become. She wants the collective community moving forward to a future where a strong business core and quality of life for the community are equally important and the costs are appropriately shared.


Dee-Dee has an MBA in Human Resources and Bachelors in Marketing.

Community Involvement

Dee-Dee is a member of the Council Sub-Committee for Board & Commission Appointments, and serves an alternate liaison to the Fife School Board, the Volunteer Police Department Reserve Board and the Parks, Recreation and Community Service (PRCS) Advisory Board.

From day one, she has been involved; an active Fife Chamber of Commerce member, an advocate for Fife’s small and medium sized businesses, President and now Vice President of the Saddle Creek HOA. In addition, Dee-Dee has served as Chairperson for the City’s PRCS Board.


For 9 years, Dee-Dee, her husband, Quinton, and kids have made Fife their home.

Term Expires

  • December 2017

Contact Information

Dee-Dee Gethers

The City of Fife is an equal opportunity‎ employer.