City Council

About Fife City Council

The Fife City Council consists of seven members, elected to four year terms. The Council serves as the legislative branch of Fife’s government. They are responsible for establishing policy, voting appropriations, developing the City’s vision and mission, and passing local ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations. They are also responsible for appointing the City Manager and the members of the City’s Commissions.


Position 1
City of Fife - Councilmember Bryan Yambe
Deputy Mayor
Bryan Yambe
Position 2
City of Fife - Councilmember Tim Curtis
Tim Curtis
Position 3
City of Fife - Councilmember Doug Fagundes
Doug Fagundes
Position 4
City of Fife - Councilmember Pat Hulcey
Pat Hulcey
Position 5
City of Fife - Councilmember Kim Roscoe
Kim Roscoe
Position 6
City of Fife -Councilmember McClellan
Lisa McClellan
Position 7
City of Fife - Councilmember Lew Wolfrom
Lew Wolfrom

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor

The Mayor is the leader of the City Council, and is elected by the other City Council members from within their ranks. The Mayor serves as the chair of the City Council, and also represents the City on ceremonial occasions like project dedications and City festivals. The day to day administration of the City is the responsibility of the City Manager, reports to the Council. The Mayor is elected to a two year term.

The Deputy Mayor takes on the mayoral duties in his/her absence, and serves as the chair of Council Study Sessions. The Deputy Mayor is elected to a one year term.

Council Meetings

Everyone is encouraged to attend regular Council Meetings and make a difference in your community. Study Sessions are issue-specific working sessions, and public comment is not received.

  • Fife City Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
  • Fife City Council Study Sessions are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

You can watch meetings online or on TV, and view documents from past meetings on our Meetings page.

*Normal meeting days, location and times are subject to change and you can view the current schedule for all upcoming meetings here.

City Council Legislative Agenda

City Council Goals

Each year, the Fife City Council sets goals for the following calendar year. You can find the City Council goals below:

City Council Meeting Procedures

The Fife City Council has adopted Council Procedures in order to provide for the efficient operation of City Council meetings. The current City Council Procedures are provided below:

Public Comments

The Council welcomes public input. Comments to the City Council can be submitted in written form or given during the Public Comment periods at regular City Council Meetings.

If you comment at a Council Meeting, you will be asked to:

  • Sign up on the sheet located at the Council Chambers entrance.
  • Give your full name and address prior to your comment.
  • Limit your comments to five minutes.

To submit written comments or ask questions about public comments, please contact the City Clerk at (253) 896-8613 or


Dawn Ketter
Executive Assistant
Fife City Hall
5411 23rd Street East
Fife, WA 98424
(253) 896-8602

The City of Fife is an equal opportunityā€ˇ employer.