Planning Commission

Is a seven member, City Council appointed, citizen advisory commission that advises the City Council, City Manager and staff on proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and implementing ordinances (such as zoning and environmental critical areas). The actions of the Planning Commission are only recommendations to the City Council. The City Council makes all final decisions.

The City Council expects to receive recommendations that reflect the individual and collective knowledge and thinking of the Commission, particularly from a citizen perspective. The Commission conducts public hearings for citizens to provide testimony. There may be times when the professional opinions and recommendations of City staff differ in part or in whole from citizens or that of the Planning Commission, and that’s okay. Differences of perspective are inherent in policy formulation and deliberation work of an organization that welcomes diverse perspectives.


First Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m., in the Fife Council Chambers, located at the Marian Wetsch City Hall; 5411 23rd St East, Fife Washington.


  • Philip Waldner, Position 1
  • Spence Braden, Position 2
  • Brian Humphreys, Position 3
  • Katie Hilen, Position 4
  • Keith Wood, Position 5
  • Karla Wayman, Position 6
  • Dwayne Christopher, Position 7


Melissa Pattee
Senior Administrative Assistant
Community Development Department
City of Fife
5411 23rd Street East

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