Puyallup River Dolosse Project

What are those concrete anchors in the Puyallup River?
They are called dolosse, and yes, they were put in the river on purpose! A dolos is an unusually-shaped large interlocking block of concrete, weighing up to 20 tons, used for protection of seawalls and to preserve shore earthworks from erosion.

Why are they in the river?
The dolosse were placed in the river in September of 2009 to catch silt and debris, which in turn will “build” the levee up and make it stronger, protecting our roads and homes.

So, are they working?
To date, the dolosse have managed to catch two feet of silt already! Within five years, they are expected to catch between six and eight feet, the maximum and optimal level.

Will I see them forever?
No! The dolosse were placed for the protection of the levee and road, and are placed to catch silt and logs. The caught silt and planting of native plants will not only make the levee stronger, but also hide the dolos within a few years.

Why did Pierce County decide to use dolos?
Dolos are the most fish-friendly, cost-effective, and innovative way to reinforce a levee.

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