Alarm Monitoring

There are several benefits to having alarm monitoring. The biggest reason is the added protection it has. Having alarm monitoring is like having someone standing guard around your house at all times. Whenever the alarm is tripped, swift action is taken to figure out what tripped the alarm.

Another benefit to having alarm monitoring is that it can save you money. Sure you are paying a monthly fee, but having this kind of system can drop your homeowner’s insurance. Because the monitoring system acts as a lookout, some insurance companies reward the homeowner because they know that help is on the way.

Another reason why it is a good idea to have alarm monitoring is it can be worth it for your piece of mind. You can feel safer either at home or away from the house knowing that if something ever does happen, help will quickly arrive. This lets your mind think about other, less stressful things.

For most alarm companies, their phone service could be in another city or state. Your alarm sounds, the company (where ever that is) answers the alarm, has to pull up your information, calls you back to confirm it’s a good alarm, then calls the police. Law enforcement dispatch gets the alarm call; they enter the information then put it out for the officers to respond. All this can take 6-12 minutes. In the event of a real emergency, that is a long time.

When you have your alarm directly set up to your local law enforcement, the alarm goes directly to the dispatcher and is immediately put out to the officers or medical aid. This cuts out the middle man and could cut the response time in half, if not more. What a huge difference in a crisis.

The Fife Police Department has alarm monitoring for business and residential. The cost for the alarm service is $19.95 monthly. Check out our City of Fife Ordinances for the information on false alarms.

Alarm Monitoring Application