Fife Memorial Fountain Recognition Program

The Fife Parks, Recreation and Aquatics Department is offering you a way to nominate and recognize your loved ones on the Fife Memorial Fountain. An open nomination process is now open until March 2, 2018. Interested parties may nominate people who they think deserve to be honored with a plaque bearing their name on the Fountain. The Parks and Recreation Citizen Advisory Board will review and recommend nominations to the Fife City Council for enshrinement. Recommendations will be based on guidelines stating that “enshrinement will be awarded to those who by their lives of faithful service, exemplary action and good deeds, have substantially enriched the community of Fife and the welfare of its residents.”

Nomination Criteria

  • Nomination must be presented in person at the March 7, 2018 regular meeting of the Parks and Recreation Citizens Advisory Board.
  • Person being nominated must have been deceased at least one year from date of application.
  • Person being nominated need not be a Fife resident as long as the criteria listed above is satisfied.

Click here for the nomination form.

Two nominations will be forwarded by the Parks and Recreation Board to the Fife City Council for consideration. The Fife City Council will have the final decision making authority as to who is chosen to be placed on the fountain.

Fountain History

The Fountain, a Fife fixture since 1914, originally served as a watering station for horses and was located at what is now the intersection of 54th & 20th Streets. For more information, contact the Fife Parks and Recreation Department at (253) 922-0900.

The City of Fife is an equal opportunity‎ employer.