Political Signs In Fife

Does Fife allow signs in public rights of ways or only on private property?
The City of Fife currently does not allow signs within the right-of-way except signs required by a governmental authority (see FMC 16.03.120 and 16.09.030). Only private property (see 16.03.110 “each private lot”).

What are the maximum size of signs, and does this increase or decrease in regards to residential zones and non-residential zones?
In reference to political campaign signs the size is not regulated. The definition of a political sign (see 16.02.360) does not include a size allowance, as well as 16.03.110, but the code does state that political signs shall be limited to one sign per candidate per street frontage for each private lot. Political signs are not allowed on vacant lots without permission from the property owner (see 16.03.120).

Other signs, like freestanding or wall signs, size is regulated by zone and lot or business size.

How soon after an election does a political sign need to be removed?
Political signs shall be removed within seven days after the election, except that a candidate who wins a primary election may continue to display political signs until seven days after the general election (see 16.03.110).

Additional Sign Information:
Permits are not required for political signs and if they are located within the Rights-of-Way they can be removed without notice (16.09.030). A general rule of thumb for right-of-way is typically the back side of the sidewalk, or behind a utility pole. Many times the road extends much further than the pavement, to utility boxes, power poles or stormwater drains are all usually considered within the ownership of the public and within the right-of-way. Reading the “Prohibited Signs” section of our code is helpful (16.09.020). Our sign code (Title 16) can be found at http://www.codepublishing.com/wa/fife/.

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