Map Gallery

This gallery offers City maps in pdf or GIS format. They are designed by the City of Fife and made available for download and printing at home. Although all efforts are made to keep the maps found inside this gallery updated, please keep in mind that a map is only as current as the date it was produced.

Land Information


Future Land Use


Critical Areas

Aquifer Recharge Areas

Lahar Evacuation Routes and Volcanic Hazard Area

Seismic Hazard Area

Frequently Flooded Areas

Wetlands and Potential Wetlands

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas

Shoreline Designations

Potential Erosion Hazard Areas

Potential Landslide Hazard Areas

Public Safety

School Speed Zones

Public Works and Utilities

Fife Truck Routes

Other Popular Maps

Current Projects

Fife Street Map

Fife Restaurants

School District Boundries

City Ortho Map

Questions about these maps should be directed to Community Development at or 253-922-9625.

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