FEMA Floodplain Update

Floodplain Update

The City of Fife wants to make sure you’re well-informed and prepared to deal with an emergency situation that may be caused by flooding.

FEMA Presentation 2014 on proposed new maps

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Did you know?

The current 100-year FEMA floodplain impacts about 10% of Fife’s community. This is based on Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM’s) prepared and adopted by FEMA going back to the 1980’s.

What is the 100-year floodplain?

FEMA determines the areas with a 1% potential of flooding from storms throughout the year. These areas are called the 100-year floodplain. FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps detail the 100-year floodplain areas.

Why are the FEMA Floodplain Maps being revised?

Since many FIRM’s across the country are old, FEMA has been engaged in a nationwide Map Modernization process in updating the floodplain maps in Pierce County. However, FEMA has yet to adopt new maps.

Pierce County is working toward recertifying the Puyallup River levees, but this may take years. Meanwhile, you should think about preparing to protect yourself and your property for a potential flood.

How would you find out if you are located in a floodplain?

To find out if you are located in a floodplain, Fife Residents can:

Visit the City of Fife Community Development Department, 5411 23rd Street E Fife WA 98424.

Call the City of Fife Community Development Department at (253) 922-9624.

Non-Fife Residents should call Pierce County Public Works Surface Water Management at (253) 798-2725.

Flood Insurance

The City of Fife has taken steps to be a part of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which means the City of Fife agreed to manage flood hazard areas by actively adopting minimum regulatory standards as set forth by FEMA. As part of the City’s participation in the NFIP, individuals are eligible to obtain flood insurance.

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