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Last Updated: 6/1/17

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Freeman Road Project To be completed this summer.  Permits Re-Issued 9/15/16. Freeman Road Freeman Road is currently closed. Thank you for your patience.
Development required, privately funded reconstruction project improving Freeman Road. Includes road widening with curb, gutter, sidewalk and landscape strip on the west side, street illumination, new turn lanes at intersections, undergrounding of utilities, new creek crossings, and an additional southbound turn lane at the intersection of Freeman Rd and Valley.
Brookville Gardens Wetlands Mitigation Project Under Construction: Building Plans under reviewOut to Bid. Bids opened 1/24 6512 Valley Avenue Wapato Creek wetlands at future 5.5 acre Brookville Park. Project mitigates the future filling of the low-quality wetlands currently near the Port of Tacoma Road Interchange.
US Foods Permits Issued – Under Construction 2204 70th Avenue East Facility Expansion into existing vacant space and remodel.
Pacific Hwy Pedestrian Improvements SEPA Issued – In Final Design 54th – 62nd Pacific Hwy East Pedestrian Improvements (sidewalks) along the North side of Pacific Hwy East.
Dollar Tree Tenant Improvement In Review- Pending Contractor Information 1422 54th Ave E Demo interior partition walls, install new partitions, ceiling, interior doors, casework, restrooms, food service and freezers.
Lakeridge Industrial Development In Review 6815 26th St E Construct a 36,090 square foot Industrial Building with site improvements on 89,293 square foot site.
66th Ave E Extension In Design – LID Approved by Council 66th Ave E 66th Ave E Extension
Murrey’s In Review – Development Agreement 70th and Levee Road Phased re-development of recycling enclosure, fueling station, washing station, tarping station, trailer parking areas and employee parking area. Demolish old shop building, construct maintenance/repair building, new grange hall and associated parking; new stormwater infiltration pond expanding existing stormwater pond.
New Sound Transportation Permits Issued – Under Construction 7495 26th St E Construct 53,750 square foot warehouse w/cold storage, repair garage and office suite
Van Halder Civil Permits Approved 520 54th Ave E Construct 3,750 square foot office building with site improvements
8th St Warehouse Civil Permits Issued 5306 7th St E Construct 3,900 square foot warehouse building with associated site improvements
Enterprise Center Permits Issued – Under Constructions 7012 20th St E Construct 175,000 square feet warehouse with associated site improvements
Fife High School Gym Refurbish Permits Issued- Under Construction 5616 20th St E Limited demolition and reinstallation of exterior cladding and interior gypsum board.
TRAMMELL CROW (TCC-FIFE) Permits Issued; Under Construction 2502 Freeman Rd Construct 250,490 square foot warehouse building with associated site improvements
Marian Wetsch City Hall Refurbish In Review- Pending Engineer Review and City Business License 5411 23rd St E Limited demolition and reinstallation of exterior cladding and interior gypsum board. Perform fungal remediation as needed.

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