Comprehensive Plan and Map Amendments

What is a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA)?

A CPA is a proposed change, addition or deletion to the City’s Comprehensive Plan (text or map).

Who can propose amendments?

A proposed amendment of the comprehensive plan and/or map may be initiated by the City, or a private individual, organization, business, agency or other group.

How do I submit an proposed amendment?

The City of Fife Community Development Department provides application forms.

When do I submit a proposed amendment?

Proposals may be submitted at any time. However, to be considered in the 2017 calendar year, they must be submitted by January 31, 2017.

How much does it cost?

No fee is charged at Step 1 (the preliminary review – below). City staff will contact you if the City Council decides to consider, or not consider your proposal. If the Council decides to hear your proposal, staff will let you know what the actual costs will be.

What happens to your proposed amendment?

  • STEP 1. Staff Reviews each application to determine completeness & consistency with the established review criteria. The Department compiles a list (known as the Docket) and forwards the list to the Planning Commission.
  • STEP 2. Fife Planning Commission preliminary recommendation to the City Council follows a study session and public hearing.
  • STEP 3. Fife City Council reviews the proposed CPAs and Planning Commission recommendation and determines the scope of the annual Docket. The City notifies proponents of the items on the docket.
  • STEP 4. Final Docket Review and Decision.
    • A. Application. Proponents will need to submit requested information or analysis identified during the preliminary docket review and pay an application deposit fee to cover the actual staff and any third party consultant review expenses that may be incurred by the City.
    • B. Final Docket Staff Review Process. Staff will schedule Planning Commission review and City Council action on the CPAs pursuant to the Council adopted calendar. Staff will forward Comprehensive Plan amendments and concurrent rezone requests to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation.
    • C. Planning Commission Final Docket Recommendations. Following one or more public hearings the Planning Commission shall forward its recommendation on each amendment, including rezones, to the Council.
    • D. City Council Decision. The Council reviews the recommendations of the Planning Commission, hold a public hearing, and decides whether to adopt, modify and adopt, reject or defer to a later date, each proposed amendment, including rezones.

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