City Center

What kind of Fife do you want to live in?

Fife wants your help deciding what its future will look like. The City of Fife is planning to create a city center like many other cities across the nation have done. Some call this area a downtown; some call it a city center; some call it a town center. All of them find that it brings the community together and creates a place for people to go, while it also draws in business and industry.

How Fife Has Grown

Over the past 50 years, the City of Fife has changed from a farming town to a regional hub for industry and commerce. This transformation shows how a city can grow and change, and how important it is to plan for the city’s growth. As Fife changed and spread, it lost its focus on having one area as the heart of business.

Planning for Fife’s Future

If Fife is going to have a vital and successful city center, it needs to be planned. Not only is Fife changing, but the area around it is changing too. New roads are being built, new regional transportation options like light rail are available, and more people are moving to Fife. The City of Fife is starting a City Center Visioning project to help make Fife the place that everyone wants to live and work and grow their business over the next twenty years.

Making a good plan is hard and it takes a lot of people. The City of Fife will be working with consultants from KPG Inc, and most importantly you, the citizens and businesses of Fife, to discover how to best plan for Fife’s growth.

What Do I Do Next?

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