City Departments

  • Community Development
    • Manages building and planning by issuing building permits and performing inspections, and drafting and enforcing city zoning, building code, and long range planning.
  • Executive
    • Manages the City and supports the other departments with human resources, marketing and economic development, the City Clerk’s Office, information technology, and legal support.
  • Finance
    • Manages the City’s funds by performing utility billing, creating budgets and reports, and running payroll.
  • Municipal Court
    • Provides court services related to all infraction, criminal misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor incidents and vehicle-related violations that occur within the City of Fife.
  • Parks, Recreation, & Community Services
    • Provides parks and recreation to Fife, including seven parks, a community center, a swimming pool, special events, and class and programs for all ages.
  • Police
    • Keeps Fife safe by performing traffic patrol, investigations, emergency management, community policing and more. Operates an interlocal 911 dispatch center and jail.
  • Public Works
    • Manages the City’s utilities and infrastructure including water, streets, sewers, traffic lights, and city vehicles and buildings. Performs city engineering.


Brodie Rota
Executive Assistant
Fife City Hall
5411 23rd Street East
Fife, WA 98424
(253) 896-8602

The City of Fife is an equal opportunityā€ˇ employer.