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Stats and Employment

Employment Resources
City of Fife Human Resources
Stefanie McCauley

Dierdre Dukes-Gethers

Barrett Business Services, Inc (BBSI)
Steve Bevins

Express Employment Professionals
Bridget Holt

Jobs by Earnings

$1,250 or Less 54,784 22.5%
$1,251-$3,333 87,885 36.1%
$3,333 or More 100,750 41.4%

Jobs by Worker Age

29 or Younger 57,621 23.7%
30 to 54 143,047 58.8%
54 or Older 42,751 17.6%

Our residents live in many different forms of housing. 42.1% of residents live in 1-unit-detached housing, 5.4% live in attached housing, and the remainder of our popultaion lives in two units to 20 or more and include mobile home, boat, and RV. 40.8% of residents are married-couple families. The average (mean) income (income and benefits (in 2010 inflation-adjusted dollars)) is $60,620.

Fife has a very diverse population. Our ethnic make-up is 62.5% White, 18.9% Asian, 16.7% Hispanic or Latino, 4.7% American Indian, and 1.5% Pacific Islander.

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